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March 02, 2015
Trenton's Paid Sick Leave Law is Challenged in Lawsuit by N.J. Business Groups

"A coalition of New Jersey business groups filed a lawsuit in state court Monday seeking to overturn a new law requiring businesses to provide paid sick leave to employees who work in Trenton," according to Jenna Pizzi of the Times of Trenton.

"The lawsuit argues that Trenton's law, which is set to take effect on Wednesday, is unconstitutional and goes against state laws. The business groups are also seeking an injunction preventing the ordinance from taking effect this week.

The coalition of business groups that filed the lawsuit in Superior Court in Mercer County to block the paid sick leave law includes the New Jersey Business and Industry Association, New Jersey State Chamber of Commerce, New Jersey Food Council, New Jersey Restaurant Association, New Jersey Retail Merchants Association and the National Federation of Independent Businesses. All of the organizations involved have offices located in Trenton and therefore would be directly impacted by the change as employers."

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Trenton's paid sick leave law is challenged in lawsuit by N.J. business groups
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