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March 02, 2015
Trenton Sick Leave Policy, Starting Wednesday, Still A Work In Progress

Montclair and Trenton will be the seventh and eighth New Jersey municipalities with mandated paid sick leave policies when new city ordinances take effect Wednesday.

In Trenton, despite the rule's imminent rollout, officials are still forming the regulations for the law, and critics say many of the details remain unclear.

"So, for example, how many days you can carry over, how do companies need to report, how do they need to keep their records, how often do they need to submit that to anyone?" said MIDJersey Chamber of Commerce president Robert Prunetti.

Fact sheets outlining the new sick leave policies are in draft form and will be sent to Trenton business owners this week and next, said the city's director of Health and Human Services James Brownlee. Other details, including how employees can file complaints, won't come until later.

The law guarantees private-sector workers in Trenton one hour of sick time for every 30 hours worked. In businesses with 10 or more employees, workers can earn up to five days per year. In businesses with 10 or fewer employees, they can accrue up to three days per year.

Regardless of business size, direct service workers in contact with the public, such as food service workers and child or elder care workers in a health care setting, are eligible to earn up to five days of paid sick time.

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Trenton Sick Leave Policy, Starting Wednesday, Still A Work In Progress
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