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December 03, 2013
2012 Spending on Charitable Care in Mercer Hospitals

In an effort to enhance hospitals' regional planning efforts, the Department of Health (DOH) today released a report on the nearly $998 million in charity care documented by New Jersey hospitals last year as well as a multi-year analysis of charity care by market-share.

According to the report by the Department's Office of Healthcare Financing, the amount of charity care documented in 2012 represents a 3% decrease from 2010, when hospitals documented just over $1 billion in charity care.

Documented charity care remained relatively flat in 2012, increasing $2.5 million from $995 million to $997.6 million. In 2012, $543 million, or 54%, of the charity care documented, was for inpatient care while $455 million, or 46%, was for outpatient care.

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NJ Department of Health report
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