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March 02, 2012
Aggressive Oversight of Charter Schools to Ensure Students are Getting Results
Continuing the Christie Administration’s commitment to aggressively oversee charter schools operating throughout the state, the Department of Education today announced the renewal of 16 existing charter schools for additional 5 year charter terms and the closure of 2 charters that have chronically failed to produce acceptable results for their students. Under the Christie Administration, the Department of Education has put a renewed focus and commitment on ensuring that the state’s charter schools are of the highest quality and held to high standards of accountability, including swiftly addressing low-performing schools through corrective and remedial actions and closing those that are not effective.
“We are deeply committed to making sure that all children have a high-quality school option available to them, and the expansion of high-performing charter schools is a critical component of that effort,” said Acting Commissioner Chris Cerf. “However, a critical part of our oversight efforts to ensure students are being served at the level they deserve is enforcing accountability. We can and must continue to be impatient and hold all schools to account for results. Under this Administration, these efforts are being taken seriously and given the proper resources to be effective.”
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