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January 08, 2014
NJ Commission on Bullying in Schools Report

"School harassment, intimidation and bulling (HIB) is a significant impediment to effective education and the well-being of youth worldwide. Experts have analyzed the impact of HIB on individual victims, bullies, schools, and on the broader community. It is documented that incidents of HIB have resulted in suicide. While victims‘ increased risk of suicide is disturbing enough, elevated levels of violence towards others has also been documented for victims of HIB", writes a report issued by the New Jersey Commission on Bullying in Schools.

"Despite the strength of the current laws and regulations and the NJDOE‘s and local school districts‘ initiatives to support the effective prevention and intervention of HIB, it appears that either the provisions of the law or their implementation and the current intensity or degree of HIB prevention activities are not sufficient for the prevention of HIB, and there is a need for revisions to New Jersey law and the allocation of resources to more effectively combat HIB."

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