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June 15, 2016
More Procedures, Tests, and Costs Associated with Dying in a Hospital

"People who die in the hospital undergo more intense tests and procedures than those who die anywhere else" , as reportdd by Alison Kodjak from WAMC. 

"An analysis by Arcadia Healthcare Solutions also shows that spending on people who die in a hospital is about seven times that on people who die at home."

"The work confirms with hard data what most doctors and policymakers already know: Hospital deaths are more expensive and intrusive than deaths at home, in hospice care, or even in nursing homes."

"'This intensity of services in the hospital shows a lot of suffering that is not probably in the end going to offer people more quality of life and may not offer them more quantity of life either,' says Dr. Richard Parker, chief medical officer at Arcadia."

See link to full article below.
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