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September 17, 2014
"Collegesí Pursuit of Prestige and Revenue Is Hurting Low-Income Students"

Hundreds of colleges charge low-income students tuition that is half or more of their household’s entire yearly income, according to a report released today by the New America Foundation that seeks to shed light on colleges’ aid practices and to prod Congress to change the structure of Pell Grants.

The purpose of Pell Grants, which help about 9 million low-income Americans attend college, is being undermined by many colleges that either are not admitting many Pell recipients or are doing little else to help needy students pay for college costs not covered by Pell, according to New America.

Most private and some public colleges offer students huge discounts in the form of need-based aid for low-income students and “merit” aid for students from population groups they would like to enroll. Many higher ed observers, like Burd, are pointing to a shift away from need-based aid to “merit” aid.

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