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November 04, 2013
Affects of SNAP Reductions in Newark

Herbert Scott clutched his cane and shivered on a cold Monday morning outside the food stamp office in Newark. He can’t work because he is disabled and he relies on the Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program to cover his grocery expenses. He received $200 a month before the reduction kicked in. His new monthly benefit is $189,  Scott said that $11 may not sound like a dramatic cut but "at the end of the day, you feel it."

He said, "You eat three meals a day for the first half of the month but after that, it’s a crunch. You start skipping meals and going to food pantries. You’ll see the lines outside the church food pantries up and down South Orange Ave. Sometimes, the pantries run out of food, so you have to go out and look for another church.” Scott said that he’d like to eat healthier but processed food is less expensive than fresh produce and meat.

On Friday, a temporary spending boost for SNAP lapsed, slashing $5 billion in food aid for about 47 million Americans.  The amount of the cut will vary according to a family's household income and other factors. A family of four was expected to lose about $36 a month on average, according to the Agriculture Department, which administers the program.

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