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October 26, 2014
Voting on Abortion Rights Takes Place November 1st

On November 1st, registered Tennessese voters will have the opportunity to vote on Amendment 1. By voting 'yes' lawmakers and elected officials will have the power to restrict or enact laws in regard to abortion. Voting 'no' would protect the state's strong belief in constitutional promise. 

While this vote is only taking place in Tennessee, neighboring states will feel the impact of this huge decision. Abortion advocates in states such as Alabama, Mississippi, and Kentucky often make it more accessible for women to come to Tennessee in search of abortion clinics. This growing number of out-of-state clients has become a hot button topic in the debate over Amendment 1. 

Rebecca Terrell, director of the largest abortion clinic in Memphis Tennessee is taking an aggressive stance on this particular issue arguing that women will have nowhere else to turn if availability to these clinics is terminated. On the contrary, abortion opponents state that Tennesseeans do not want to live in a state known as an abortion destination.

For the first time, people will have the opportunity for their voices to be heard on this issue. However, advocates and voters are not the only people getting excited over the issue. Churches all across Tennessee are banning together by creating "Yes on 1" Sunday in which each pastor will speak on the importance of this amendment. This support from Christian churches will be vital in the strategy of Amendment 1 advocates.

Recently, advocates for vote "No on 1" held a statewide rally in which volunteers participated in phone banks and open houses seeking followers for their cause. These advocates have fallen far behind their opponents in fudraising this year but still expect to create a large turnout once the polls open.

Today, Tennessee lawmakers have the ability to pass some abortion regulations. These regulations have caused the closure of two clinics, one in Knoxville and the other in Memphis. 

Both sets of advocates are anticipating a low turnout in this contested election. Therefore, the objective is to get the people who they know are followers of the cause to get out and vote instead of trying to convince people of something different. How hard the two groups have worked will be known when election results come out after the first. 

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Abortion Rights at Crossroads with Amendment 1
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