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October 10, 2014
New Law Includes Drug Test for Public Benefits

As of July 1 a new state law requires that those who apply for public benefits may be required to take a drug test in the application process. The two-part process has a drug usage questionnaire (required for all applicants), as well as an actual drug test to be administered only if the applicant answers yes to any of the questions on the questionnaire. Refusal to take either test results in immediate disqualification from public benefits. Those who test positive for drugs will be referred to a drug abuse treatment or recovery support group. Those applicants can continue to receive benefits as long as they remain in a drug recovery program or support group.
This law is different from those of the 10 other states in that Tennessee’s law does not require a drug screening for each applicant.
812 state citizens have applied for public benefits in Tennessee since the establishment of the new law. Out of the 812, 4 refused to take the questionnaire, which resulted in disqualification, 5 passed drug tests after answering yes on the questionnaire, and 1 tested positive for drugs.

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New drug screening law knocks 4 off benefits list
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