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November 14, 2015
Nashville Schools Aid Immigrant Education

Jason Gonzales, a writer for the Tennessean maintain: "The district has laid out a vision on how to deal with its high number of English language learners. Those familiar with the ELL plan applaud it for how comprehensive it is in addressing English learners' needs. It is ambitious, extending past students and out to communities and families, and details a list of items to better the experience of those learning English in Metro Nashville Public Schools."

"The vision comes with some questions on how to focus the plan. And it comes at a high cost — almost $38 million over three years."

"The district doesn't have the money yet, but the budget expense was less of a concern in developing the plan, said Jay Steele, Metro's chief academic officer. Putting together a solid program was the main goal, he said."

"We wanted to look at strategies with the highest yield,' Steele said."

"There is plenty of opportunity and some strong points, especially with professional development for teachers, he said. Jimenez's focus is in English language teachings. But he said he wondered who would do the training and hoped for more emphasis on instruction."

"'The strategic plan and emphasis is moving in the right direction,' he said."

"With a $38 million price tag in the first three years, it’s no small budgetary matter. Most of the cost is ongoing."

"'With the (Newcomers Academy) models we have the opportunity to create strategies that will be effective, with built-in ways to monitor and replicate that success," she said. "And then we can take a bigger look at the plan and see what gets implemented and if we have the right processes — and not just theories.'"

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Nashville schools build $38M program to teach immigrants English
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