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November 19, 2015
Local Agriculture

"On Sunday, November 8, several local farmers sat down with University of the South Vice-Chancellor John McCardell and his wife, Bonnie, to enjoy a delicious lunch of locally grown chicken and vegetables on the University campus. The meal, prepared by the University’s head chef Rick Wright and his staff at McClurg Dining Hall, was the inaugural “Local Fried Chicken Sunday Lunch,” a weekly meal that will continue to feature local produce and chicken."

"Diners at McClurg Dining Hall regularly enjoy eggs, beef, chicken, and produce from Grundy County. Not only is the food delicious, but it builds local agriculture and aids in boosting the local economy. The University’s increased demand for local food means more money going to Grundy County farmers and to the businesses that support them."

"The South Cumberland Farmer’s Market and South Cumberland Food Hub operate year-round and invite any grower to join the team. No farm is too large or garden too small."

"For more information please visit www.rootedhere.com."

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AG Literacy Week and Rooted Here Honor Local Growers
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