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South Cumberland Plateau
October 11, 2014
South Cumberland Community Fund Announces 2014 Grants

Recently the South Cumberland Community Fund announced its grants, together totaling $94,000, to nine local nonprofit organizations. The SCCF is a local organization which “supports people and organizations who are making the South Cumberland Plateau a healthier, better-educated, and culturally-richer place.”

The SCCF distributed grants to the following organizations:

$,3600 to Animal Alliance-South Cumberland for dog sterilization; $7,000 to the Appalachian Women’s Guild for thrift shop refurbishment and promotion; $6,725 to the City of Altamont for improvements to the Florence Scruggs Building auditorium; $10,000 to Coalmont Elementary School (in partnership with the Grundy Health Council and The University of the South) for a quarter-mile walking track around the adjacent ball field at the school; $2,600 to the Community Action Committee, a ministry of Otey Parish in Sewanee, for food security and sustainability projects for local clients; $10,000 to the Mountain Goat Trail Alliance for the purchase of further rail bed between Monteagle and Tracy City and for contract employee compensation support; $10,000 to St. James Episcopal Church in Midway for refurbishment of the church’s community playground; $3,760 to Swiss Memorial Elementary School for the school’s after-school program; and $10,000 to the South Cumberland Learning and Development Center towards a fund to refurbish the old high school for life-long programs for youth and adults.

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SCCF Awards 2014 Grants
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