Camden, NJ
Informing and Connecting Engaged Citizens
September 26, 2013
Hopeworks: A Healing Community N Camden
At Hopeworks, we use the acronym S.E.L.F to talk about the dynamics that go on when working in our community Safety, Emotion, Loss and Future are always in constant movement–especially in a community like Camden that has so much violence and high levels of poverty. Safety is continually under attack and people are always trying to find ways to maintain or claw back some level of security. When we don’t feel safe, we have lots of feelings. That takes lots of energy away from being able to focus on our futures. Thus, we believe that to help youth connect and drive towards their future, we must address the loss, feelings and and lack of safety that they have. That is why we are Hopeworks–we are a community that wants to help our youth heal by creating a safe place where everyone can name their loss, their pain and know that they will be safe in doing so. Without attending to our pain, we lose our futures–they become fanciful–illusions without concrete steps to move forward.
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