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October 22, 2015
Congress Prepares to Reform the Criminal Justice System

"Speaking on the record, campaigners for criminal justice reform describe the Sentencing Reform and Corrections Act of 2015—the version given the best chance of passing Congress this year—as “historic,” a “major breakthrough,” “a game-changer.” The head of a left-right reform coalition called the measure, introduced by the chairman of the Senate Judiciary Committee, Iowa Republican Chuck Grassley, “monumental.” Monday’s pro forma committee hearing on the bill was, as one observer put it, a love-in" as reported in Bill Keller's article in the Non-Profit Quarterly.  

"Speaking on background, many advocates are more likely to use words like “very modest,” “disappointing,” and “pretty weak tea.” One of the most ardent conservative advocates of reform calls the Grassley bill “a joke” and “a sham.” 

"Below, we break it down so you can be the judge. But the real question is whether this measure represents a beginning of reform, or the end."

See link to full article below.
Secondary Source: Nonprofit Quarterly Primary Source: The Sentencing Reform and Corrections Act of 2015
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