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April 04, 2016
Clinton Visits Capital Region

"Democratic front-runner Hillary Clinton came to Cohoes High School on Monday to deliver a version of her stump speech touched with references for the regional and state audience — including a promise to work to improve water infrastructure so that communities like Hoosick Falls have systems that are "clean and pure."

It was one of several mentions of her commitment to national clean-water infrastructure — an issue familiar to Cohoes residents, whose neighbor across the Hudson, the city of Troy, has suffered serious breakdowns in its decaying water system in recent months. Hoosick Falls, meanwhile, has dealt with the even more serious problem of industrial contamination of its water supply.

The speech in the high school gym — where the scoreboard read '45-45,' a nod to supporters' hopes that Clinton will win election as the 45th president — capped a whirlwind visit to the Capital Region by the candidate two weeks before New York's April 19 presidential primary," as reported by the Albany Times Union.

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In Cohoes, Clinton promises 'inclusive prosperity'
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