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June 28, 2016
State Commission Divided on Legislator Pay Increase

"The state Special Commission on Legislative, Judicial, & Executive Compensation broke out in a heated argument Tuesday shortly after turning their attention to the loaded subject of a potential pay increase for state lawmakers" , as reported by the Albany Times Union. 

"The seven-member panel, which was meeting in New York City, has five months left to craft recommendations on potential pay increases for employees of the executive branch as well as members of the Legislature. The latter group have not seen an increase in the base pay of $79,500 since 1999. Three member are appointed by the governor, while one apiece come from the Senate and Assembly majority leaders and two are named by the state's chief judge."

"The panel's recommendations, due this fall, will automatically go into effect unless they're rejected by the Legislature."

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Panel Members Argue Over Pay
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